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Usool ush Shashi Arabic (Al Mizan) Free pdf Download

Overview Usool ush Shashi


Usool ush Shashi, an native hand of Islamic justice, serves as a lamp guiding Muslims in their hunt to comprehend and interpret the Sharia, the sacred law of Islam. embedded in the rich convention of Islamic education, Usool ush Shashi, frequently exclusively appertained to as” Usool,” lays the found ational principles and methodologies upon which Islamic legit logic and judgment are erected. This overview provides a terse yet perceptive regard into the significance of Usool ush Shashi and its part in the lives of Muslims worldwide.

Basic Details

Book name:Usool ush Shashi Al Mizan (Arabic)
Class of: Darja Salesa (3rd year) سال سوم | درجہ ثالثہ
No of volumes:01
Pdf size vol 01:07MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
Maktaba:Al Mizan
Uploaded By:pdfmug.com

Telling the substance 

At its gut, Usool ush Shashi deals with the sources and principles of Islamic law, seeking to establish a complete frame that empowers savants and justices to decide sentences for colorful aspects of li fe. These sentences encompass both the unsubstantial and worldly-wise disciplines, covering everyt hing from acts of deification to ethical conduct, blood matters to fiscal deals.

The stanchions of Usool ush Shashi

Usool ush Shashi is erected upon five abecedarian stanchions

1. Quran: The Holy Quran is the primary and inflexible source of Islamic law, furnishing godly guidanc e and principles.

2. Hadith: The Predictive traditions, set up in the aphorisms and conduct of the Prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him), extend farther environment and sapience.

3. Ijma( Consensus): This column involves the agreement of Islamic savants on a personal matter, serving as a source of legit administration.

4. Qiyas( Analogy): In situations not explicitly covered by the Quran and Hadith, justices apply analo gy, drawing similarities to established principles.

5. Istihsan and Maslahah Mursalah( Juristic Preference and Public Interest): These principles have  for inflexibility and adaption of Islamic law to coincidental effects, with a seat on the weal of society.

The part of Usool Shashi

Usool Shashi plays a vital part in icing the operation of Islamic law remains applicable and precisely. It provides the tools for justices to navigate the complications of ultramodern life while defending th e gut valuations and principles of Islam. Its rigidity and inflexibility have made it a pivotal instrument for addressing the evolving requirements of Muslim communities worldwide.

Inclusivity and Unity

Usool Shashi transcends geographical and artistic boundaries, serving as a unifying manpower am ong Muslims. It encourages a participated understanding of the godly guidance, furthering a sense of community and cohesion among religionists.


Usool Shashi isn’t simply a legit frame; it’s a guiding light for Muslims, illuminating the path of moralit y and justice. By furnishing a methodical and honorable path to interpreting Islamic law, it ensures t hat the dateless wisdom of the Quran and Hadith remains a source of alleviation and guidance for conceptions to come. Its rigidity and inclusivity make it a abiding corroboration to the seeing applic ability of Islamic justice in the ultramodern world.

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