Tohfat ul Mazoor PDF Free Download

Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat PDF Free Download

Overview Tohfat ul Mazoor


Claw into the rich shade of Islamic legit study with” Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat.” This infor mational commentary, penned in Urdu, unfolds the elaborate layers of Al- Mirqat, a archetypal work in Islamic justice.

Basic Details

Book name: Tohfat ul Mazoor
Class of:Darja Salesa (3rd year)
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:4.3MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
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probing Al- Mirqat

Al- Mirqat stands as a lamp in the demesne of Islamic legit literature. Penned by Allama Sayyid Hussain bin Sayyid Ali Al- Mirqati, this famed commentary on Mishkat al- Masabih has been a found ation for savants and scholars likewise.” Tohfat ul Mazoor” serves as a key to unlock its credits for Urdu- stating cult.

Comprehensive gathering 

This Urdu commentary provides a complete and refined understanding of Al- Mirqat’s commentary on Hadith. It goes beyond bare restatement, offering perceptivity, explanations, and contextualizati ons that bridge the verbal and artistic hiatuses, making the profound wisdom popular to a thick follo wership.

Accessible Language for All

“Tohfat ul Mazoor” adopts a anthology- friendly tone, making daedal legit generalities digestible for a different readership. The author adroitly balances erudite rigor with a lucid jotting phraseology, icing that both neophyte learners and seasoned savants detect value in its runners.

SEO- Optimized disquisition 

In the digital time, penetrating profound Islamic knowledge is a relate down. This Urdu sharh is optimized for hunt machines, easing ready detection for those seeking in- depth perceptivity into Al- Mirqat. Whether you are a pupil of Islamic justice, a experimenter, or a inquisitive mind, this resource is aimed to be readily accessible at your fingertips.

Why” Tohfat ul Mazoor”?

1. Clarity and Depth: unload the layers of Al- Mirqat with clear explanations and deep perceptivity.
2. Accessible Language: No matter your ground, the language exercised ensures a smooth trip into the world of Islamic justice.
3. SEO- Friendly: Seamlessly detect the information you seek through optimized hunt machine visibility.


Embark on a trip of knowledge and enlightenment with” Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat,” where the dateless wisdom of Al- Mirqat meets the availability of Urdu, furthering a deeper understanding of Islamic justice.

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