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In the world of Islam, the Quran is regarded as the ultimate source of guidance, knowledge, and spiritual enlightenment. It is the Holy Book that contains the words of Allah (God) as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). One of the essential chapters of the Quran is Surah At-Tariq, which holds profound significance for Muslims worldwide. In this article, we delve into the depths of Surah At-Tariq and explore its divine revelations, messages, and timeless wisdom.

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Surah NameSurah At-Tariq
No. Of Surah:#86
Total Rukus:01
Total Verses:17
PDF Size:250 kb
Category:Religion (Holy Quran)
Last Update:Recently

1. The Quran: A Divine Gift

Before delving into the specifics of Surah At-Tariq, it is vital to understand the Quran’s significance in Islam. The Quran is not just a book; it is a divine gift bestowed upon humanity by Allah to provide guidance and direction in every aspect of life. Muslims believe that the Quran is infallible and unaltered, a miraculous revelation in its eloquence and wisdom.

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2. The Context of Surah At-Tariq

Surah At-Tariq is the eighty-sixth chapter of the Quran and is found in the thirtieth part (Juz’) of the holy book. It was revealed in Makkah and consists of seventeen verses. The chapter’s name, “At-Tariq,” is derived from its first verse, which refers to “the morning star” or “the night visitor,” a celestial event with deep spiritual connotations.

3. The Opening Verse

The Surah begins with a striking verse: “By the sky and the night comer.” (Quran 86:1) This verse immediately captures the reader’s attention and establishes a connection between the divine wonders of the cosmos and the message being conveyed.

4. The Message of Surah At-Tariq

Surah At-Tariq emphasizes the importance of reflection and contemplation upon the signs of Allah in the universe. It draws attention to the celestial bodies, the order in the cosmos, and the intricate design of the night visitor, all of which serve as reminders of Allah’s presence and power.

5. Learning from the Heavens

The Surah urges believers to seek knowledge from the heavens and the natural world around them. It encourages scientific inquiry and emphasizes the compatibility of faith and reason. Muslims are reminded that the study of the universe and its laws is an act of worship and a means to draw closer to Allah.

6. The Metaphorical Significance

Beyond the literal interpretation, Surah At-Tariq holds a profound metaphorical significance. The night visitor can be seen as a symbol of guidance and knowledge, piercing through the darkness of ignorance and leading humanity towards the light of truth.

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7. The Theme of Accountability

Another essential theme of Surah At-Tariq is the concept of accountability. It reminds individuals that their actions are being recorded and that they will be held responsible for their deeds in the afterlife. This reminder serves as motivation for believers to lead righteous lives and avoid wrongdoing.

8. Finding Strength in Surah At-Tariq

In times of adversity and challenges, Surah At-Tariq provides solace and strength to believers. It teaches them to have faith in Allah’s plan and to trust that every difficulty is an opportunity for growth and spiritual elevation.

9. Surah At-Tariq and Personal Development

Surah At-Tariq acts as a guide for personal development. It encourages self-reflection, continuous learning, and the pursuit of knowledge as a means to improve oneself and contribute positively to society.

10. Understanding the Divine Decree

The Surah also delves into the concept of destiny and divine decree. It reminds believers that everything happens according to Allah’s will, and surrendering to His plan brings tranquility and contentment.

11. Embracing the Night Prayer

Scholars have emphasized that reciting Surah At-Tariq in the night prayer (Tahajjud) holds special rewards and blessings. It is seen as a means to seek closeness to Allah and gain spiritual strength.

12. Fostering Unity and Brotherhood

Surah At-Tariq PDF encourages believers to foster unity, brotherhood, and compassion among themselves and the broader community. It calls for the eradication of divisions and reminds believers of the importance of cooperation and empathy.

13. Finding Hope in Surah At-Tariq

Amidst the challenges of life, Surah At-Tariq instills hope in the hearts of believers. It reassures them that even in the darkest of nights, the morning star will shine, symbolizing the emergence of hope and positivity after difficult times.

14. Conclusion

Surah At-Tariq is a treasure trove of divine wisdom and guidance. It calls upon believers to observe the signs of Allah in the universe, seek knowledge, and find strength and hope in their faith. This chapter serves as a beacon of light, leading humanity towards the path of righteousness and spiritual enlightenment.


1. Can I recite Surah At-Tariq PDF in any prayer?

Yes, you can recite Surah At-Tariq PDF in any of your daily prayers. However, scholars recommend its recitation in the night prayer (Tahajjud) for additional blessings.

2. Does Surah At-Tariq PDF have any specific benefits?

Surah At-Tariq PDF is believed to bring blessings, guidance, and protection to those who recite and reflect upon its verses regularly.

3. How often should I read Surah At-Tariq PDF?

There is no specific frequency prescribed for reciting Surah At-Tariq PDF. You can read it as often as you like, incorporating it into your daily recitations.

4. Can non-Arabic speakers benefit from Surah At-Tariq PDF?

Absolutely! The essence and message of the Quran are not limited to Arabic speakers. Translations are available, allowing people of various languages to benefit from its teachings.

5. Is Surah At-Tariq PDF difficult to memorize?

Surah At-Tariq PDF consists of seventeen verses, making it relatively easy to memorize for those who regularly engage with the Quranic memorization (Hifz) process.

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