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The Holy Qur’an is the book of Islamic principles and teachings, in the light of which Muslim society is traditionally governed. This holy book has various Surahs, which are based on many different topics. An important Qur’anic Surah that we will discuss today is “Surah An Nisa”. In this article we will look at the content and important details of this surah.

Additional Details

Surah NameSurah An Nisa PDF
No. Of Surah#04
Total Rukus:24
Total Verses176
PDF Size8.1MB
CategoryReligion (Holy Quran)
Last UpdateRecently
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Definition of Surah An Nisa

“Surah An Nisa'” is a well-known and important Qur’anic surah, which is a specific surah of the Holy Qur’an. This Surah deals with respect for women and their rights. In addition, it presents important moral, social, and societal issues.

The history of Surah An Nisa

There are different traditions regarding the date of revelation of this surah. According to him, this surah was revealed during the reign of Madinah. According to one tradition, this surah was revealed in the post-Hijrah period and was completed in the second year of the Hijra.

Topics of Surat al-Nisa

“Surah An Nisa” contains various topics based on women’s rights, moral principles, and social management. Marriage, divorce, and other women-related issues are discussed in detail in this surah.

Rules of Marriage

An important topic that is presented in this surah is the commandments of marriage. It deals with the conditions, rights, and benefits of marriage.

Divorce Issues

Surah An Nisa has also highlighted the issues of divorce. It discusses the rulings of divorce and its Shariah principles.

Rights of women

In this Surah, the rights of women have been respected and their rights have also been discussed in detail.

Importance of Surat An Nisa

“Surah An Nisa” is an important Surah that has an impact on the social and religious status of women.

It sucks. It promotes the principles of justice, equality, and respect.


“Surah An Nisa'” is an important Quranic Surah that sheds light on women’s rights and social management. This Surah promotes moral principles which are the basis of an honest and responsible society.


Q: What is the central theme of Surah An Nisa PDF ?

A: The central theme of Surah An Nisa PDF revolves around the rights and responsibilities of women, family, and society, promoting justice and compassion.

Q: How many verses are there in Surah An Nisa PDF ?

A: Surah An Nisa PDF contains a total of 176 verses.

Q: Can Muslims have more than one wife?

A: Islam permits polygamy under specific conditions, such as treating all wives fairly and justly.

Q: Does Surah An Nisa PDF mention inheritance laws?

A: Yes, Surah An Nisa PDF provides detailed instructions on the division of inheritance and property.

Q: How does Surah An Nisa PDF emphasize compassion?

A: Surah An Nisa PDF highlights the importance of providing financial support and security to widows and orphans, demonstrating compassion and care.

What are the conditions of marriage?

How are the rules and conditions of marriage described in the Holy Quran?

What are the problems of divorce?

you can Consider the issues of divorce in Surat al-Nisaa.

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