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Surah An-Nahl PDF Free Download (Arabic, Roman, Urdu, English)

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The sixteenth Surah of the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Nahl, has fifteen verses. The final Surah of the Madani Surahs is this one. Because it contains a hadith regarding bees, the term “An-Nahl” is derived from the word “Makhi” in Urdu..

Additional Details

Surah NameSurah An-Nahl PDF
No.Of Surah:#16
Meaning:THE BEE
Total Rukus:16
Total Verses:128
PDF Size:4.5MB
Category:Religion (Holy Quran)
Last Update:Recently
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What is Surah An-Nahl?

The 16th chapter of the Quran is Surah An-Nahl, commonly referred to as “The Bee” or Surah An-Nahl. One of the Meccan surahs, it has 128 verses (Ayahs) and was revealed in Mecca before the Prophet Muhammad moved to Medina. The mention of bees in verse 68, which highlights the beauties of Allah’s creation, gives the chapter its name.

Importance of Surah Al-Nahl:

Most of the focus in this Surah is on Islamic wisdom and God’s blessings. It is an important surah that provides guidance in terms of daily problems and social life.

Features of Surah Al-Nahl:

  • This Surah mentions the various rewards and blessings that God has bestowed on mankind in a heavenly way.
  • It praises the creation that shows the masterpiece of God’s natural work.
  • The importance of honesty and truth is emphasized in this Surah.
  • Sources of Prophets for different nations are also discussed in it.
  • It contains detailed statements about the wisdom and honor of God.

Details of Surah Al-Nahl:

This surah contains various topics based on God’s blessings, graces, mercy, laws of life, historical events and prophetic messages. It also describes a lot about the number of creatures and their benefits. In Surah Al-Nahl, God’s authority and majesty are also mentioned and the rules for leading a good life are described for man.

How to Access and Download Surah An-Nahl PDF

You might be eager to read and download Surah An-Nahl in PDF format now that you are aware of its significance. The procedure is simple and is available on a variety of platforms:

1. Official Islamic Websites

The Quran, including Surah An-Nahl, can be download in PDF format from a number of official Islamic websites. These websites offer trustworthy access to the Quran in a variety of translations and format

2. Mobile Applications

Users of Android and iOS devices can access the Quran in a variety of translations through a wide range of mobile applications. Users can frequently download Surah An-Nahl and other chapters from these apps for reading offline.

3. Online PDF Repositories

The Quran is available in a number of online PDF archives and libraries. Downloadable versions of Surah An-Nahl can likely be found with a fast search on these platforms.

4. Mosques and Islamic Centers

Local mosques and Islamic centers often have printed copies of the Quran available for free. Some may even offer PDF versions on their websites for download.


The Quran’s Surah An-Nahl is a unique section that offers believers tremendous insight and direction. Its verses serve as a reminder of the blessings in our lives and the value of leading a moral life. The digital resources at our fingertips make it simpler than ever to access and download Surah An-Nahl in PDF format.


Q: Is Surah An-Nahl PDF only about bees?

A: No, while the chapter mentions bees, it covers various themes, including divine blessings, guidance, and ethical values.

Q: Can I read Surah An-Nahl PDF with translation?

A: Yes, translations of the Quran, including Surah An-Nahl PDF , are available in different languages for better understanding.

Q: Are there any specific times recommended for reciting Surah An-Nahl PDF ?

A: While there are no specific times, reciting Surah An-Nahl PDF after Fajr or Isha prayers is considered beneficial.

Q: How can I benefit from reflecting on the wonders of nature mentioned in the surah?

A: Reflecting on nature helps increase mindfulness, gratitude, and a deeper appreciation of Allah’s creation.

Q: Are there any special rewards associated with reciting Surah An-Nahl PDF ?

A: The recitation of any chapter of the Quran, including Surah An-Nahl PDF , is highly rewarded by Allah. However, specific rewards are known only to Him.

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