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Sharh e Miata Aamil شرح مائۃ عامل (Ittihad Bookdipo Deoband) PDF Free Download

Overview Sharh e Miata Aamil


” Sharh e Miata Aamil,” frequently appertained to as” The Book of a Hundred Advantages,” is a datele ss archetypal in Islamic literature. This phenomenal work, penned by the famed Islamic scholar, Ima m Muhammad ibn Ali Al- Shawkani, offers compendiums an perceptive and profound commentary on the” Miata Aamil”( The Book of a Hundred Advantages), a collection of prayers and prayers that hold immense unsubstantial significance in the lives of Muslims.

Basic Details

Book name:Sharh e Miata Aamil شرح مائۃ عامل
Class of:Darja sania (2nd year) درجہ ثانیہ
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:03MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
Maktaba:Ittihad Bookdipo Deoband
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Imam Al- Shawkani’s commentary, which is known as the” Sharh e Miata Aamil,” goes beyond bare  explication of the textbook; it provides a deep understanding of the unsubstantial, virtuous, and ethi cal confines of these prayers. This overview will introduce you to the significance, content, and lastin g jolt of this unusual book.


“Sharh e Miata Aamil” holds a special position in Islamic education and church. It’s deified for its cap ability to guide religionists in cultivating a stronger connection with Allah through prayer. The book provides a complete elucidation of the” Miata Aamil” prayers, which are attributed to the Prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him) and have been passed down through conceptions. These prayer s are considered a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance for all aspects of life, from diurnal routine s to moments of adversity.


The book is structured in a methodical manner, making it popular to compendiums of varying situa tions of Islamic knowledge. Imam Al- Shawkani strictly unpacks each solicitation set up in the” Miata Aamil,” furnishing literal environment, verbal dissection, and a deep disquisition of the unsubstantial  generalities contained within them. The prayers encompass a wide range of themes, involving seek ing guidance, security from detriment, expressing gratefulness, and seeking remission. Each prayer is like a key to unlock a special aspect of one’s relationship with Allah.

Lasting jolt

“Sharh e Miata Aamil” has had a profound and continuing jolt on innumerous individualities. It serves as a companion for Muslims seeking to toughen their connection with Allah, boost their knowledge of the persuasion, and ameliorate their character. The book has been restated into multitudinous la nguages, making its wisdom popular to a global followership.

In a world where church frequently takes a aft seat to the demands of diurnal life,” Sharh e Miata Aamil” provides a lamp of stopgap and guidance. It encourages compendiums to integrate the trai ning and prayers into their diurnal routines, thereby perfecting their lives with the authority of prayer and reflection.


“Sharh e Miata Aamil” is further than a book; it’s a profound trip into the heart of Islamic church. Imam Al- Shawkani’s perceptive commentary, connected with the dateless prayers of the” Miata Aamil,” make it a invaluable resource for those seeking a deeper connection with Allah and a more completing, purposeful life. Whether you’re a staunch Muslim or exclusively inquisitive about the god dess of Islamic church, this book has the implicit to transfigure your standpoint and draw you near to the godly.

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