Sharh e Miata Aamil PDF Free Download

Sharh e Miata Aamil شرح مائۃ عامل (Maktaba Rasheediya) PDF Free Download

Overview Sharh e Miata Aamil


“Sharh e Miata Aamil,” a dateless archetypal in the demesne of Islamic literature, has charmed com pendiums for conceptions. This unusual work, penned by the prestigious scholar of Islam, Shah Wali ullah al- Dihlawi, delves deep into the world of church, justice, and Islamic gospel, offering inestimab le perceptivity and guidance for campaigners of knowledge and church.

Basic Details

Book name:Sharh e Miata Aamil شرح مائۃ عامل
Class of:Darja sania (2nd year) درجہ ثانیہ
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:09MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
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Telling the substance 

At its gut,” Sharh-e-Miata Aamil” is a commentary on” Miata Amil,” a compendium of 100 Hadiths na med by Imam Muhammad bin Ismail al- Bukhari, one of the most reputed Hadith collectors in Islami c history. This commentary takes the anthology on a profound trip, furnishing a detailed interpretati on and dissection of these Hadiths. It goes beyond the face, raveling the profound wisdom reprised  within each Hadith.

Guidance for unsubstantial campaigners

This archetypal work offers profound perceptivity into the Islamic expressway of life and the unsubs tantial trip. It addresses the finer aspects of Islamic justice, probity, and church, guiding compendiu ms towards a deeper understanding of their faith and a closer connection with the Divine.

Time- tried Applicability 

What makes” Sharh-e-Miata Aamil” truly remarkable is its seeing applicability. Despite being penne d centuries agone , the wisdom it imparts remains as material moment as it was during its comm encement. The dateless principles it explores give coincidental compendiums with a compass for  conning the expostulations of the ultramodern world while staying true to their faith.

popular and Engaging

While the textbook is deeply embedded in Islamic education, Shah Waliullah al- Dihlawi has consum mately offered his perceptivity in a manner that’s both popular and engaging. This allows compend iums of all grounds and situations of knowledge to profit from its training.


“Sharh e Miata Aamil” stands as a lamp of wisdom, furnishing a roadmap for unsubstantial campaig ners and an inestimable resource for those appearing to consolidate their understanding of Islamic training. Its seeing applicability and popular path make it a must- read for anyone seeking enlighte nment, making it a archetypal that transcends time and cultivation.

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