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Sahih Muslim urdu vol 01|02 PDF Free Download

Overview Sahih Muslim urdu


Embark on a trip of unsubstantial enlightenment with “Sahih Muslim urdu”, a treasure trove of authen tic Hadiths( aphorisms and conduct of Prophet Muhammad). This deified compendium stands as a lamp, guiding campaigners on the path of morality.

Basic Details

Book name:Sahih Muslim urdu
Class of:Dorah hadaith (8th year)
Total vol:06
Pdf size vol 01:50.6MB
Pdf size vol 02:46.9MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
Maktaba:Darus islam
Uploaded By:pdfmug.com

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What’s Sahih Muslim?

Sahih Muslim urdu is one of the most recognized collections of Hadiths, strictly collected by Imam Muslim. It serves as a complete companion for Muslims seeking to consolidate their understanding of Islam, offering a dependable source of Prophet Muhammad’s training.

Why in Urdu?

The restatement of” Sahih Muslim” into Urdu opens the portals of knowledge to a thick followership. Urdu, being a extensively stated language, ensures that the profound wisdom reprised in these Hadiths is popular to a vast diapason of people, furthering a deeper connection with the training.

crucial Features

1. Actuality: Sahih Muslim is famed for its rigid authentication process, icing the addition of only the most dependable and sound Hadiths.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: Covering a wide batch of motifs, from diurnal fashions to gregarious  conduct, Sahih Muslim provides ultrapractical guidance for every hand of a Muslim’s life.

3. Cultural Relevance: The Urdu restatement adds a subcaste of artistic resonance, making the  training more relatable and workable to the diurnal lives of Urdu- stating Muslims.

How to profit 

1. Personal Reflection: sound into the Hadiths and reflect on their meanings. Sahih Muslim in Urdu offers a particular connection to the training, allowing for soul-searching and unsubstantial excrescency.

2. Community conversations: Partake the wisdom with your community. fascinate in conversations  and study groups to inclusively understand and apply the training in diurnal life.

3. Guidance for All periods: Whether you’re a scholar, a pupil, or a inquisitive existent seeking knowledge, Sahih Muslim in Urdu caters to individualities at colorful stages of their unsubstantial trip.


Sahih Muslim urdu isn’t precisely a book; it’s a dateless companion that transcends language walls, bringing around the profound training of Islam to the capitals and brains of Urdu- stating individuali ties. enthrall yourself in its runners, and allow the wisdom therein illuminate your path towards unsub stantial performance.

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