Kolaru Pathigam PDF Free Download

Kolaru Pathigam PDF Free Download

Overview Kolaru Pathigam PDF


The Kolaru Pathigam PDF is a precious resource for anyone seeking to claw into the profound world  of South Indian spiritual literature. This digital document brings to life the dateless verses of the Kolaru Pathigam, a sacred hymn penned by the deified Saint Thirugnana Sambandar, one of the 63 Nayanars, or addicts of Lord Shiva.

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Understanding Kolaru Pathigam

The Kolaru Pathigam is a set of 10 hymns composed in the Tamil language. These verses are a lyrical immolation to Lord Shiva, seeking His godly intervention in securing humanity from the malignant  influences of planetary configurations. The term’ Kolaru’ in Tamil means’ That which averts,’ and’ Pathigam’ denotes a hymn. Hence, Kolaru Pathigam is known as the’ Hymn that Averts.’

Spiritual Significance

Each verse in Kolaru Pathigam delves into the cosmic significance of Lord Shiva and His godly  pro tection. The hymns glorify the Lord’s nobility, praying Him to shield off the adverse goods of elysian  events. It’s believed that reciting or harkening to these hymns can palliate the afflictions caused by inimical planetary positions, bringing peace and substance to one’s life.

The Kolaru Pathigam

The vacuity of the Kolaru Pathigam in PDF format is a blessing for those seeking to explore the  depths of this sacred Book. This digital resource offers several advantages, similar as

1. Availability: The PDF format makes it fluently accessible to anyone with a digital device, allowing  compendiums to claw into the hymns at their convenience.

2. Portability: You can carry the Kolaru Pathigam PDF with you wherever you go, icing that you  always have a spiritual companion at hand.

3. Searchability: The digital format allows for easy textbook quests, helping you find specific verses or expressions with minimum trouble.

4. Preservation: The Kolaru Pathigam PDF helps in conserving the authenticity of the textbook,  icing that these sacred verses continue to inspire generations to come.


The Kolaru Pathigam PDF is an inestimable resource for those seeking spiritual solace, protection, and godly intervention. The hymns contained within it serve as a important medium to connect with the profound wisdom of Saint Thirugnana Sambandar and witness the transformative power of Lord Shiva’s blessings. Embrace this sacred trip through the runners of the Kolaru Pathigam PDF, and  allow its verses to illuminate your spiritual path.

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