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Overview Kashful Astar Hashiya


Drink to the informational demesne of” Kashful Astar Hashiya” a profound trip into the heights of wisdom and understanding. This dateless masterpiece has sculpted its niche as an essential com mentary, offering unequaled perceptivity into Islamic justice.

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Book name:Sharah Maani ul Asaar
Class of:Darja Muqoof aly (7th year)
No of volumes:02
Pdf size vol 01:24MB
Pdf size vol 02:22.5
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
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unleashing Divine Wisdom

“Kashful Astar Hashiya” is a erudite elucidation that delves into the complications of Islamic justice, raveling the profound meanings behind legit principles. Penned with scrupulous care and deep con firmed knowledge, it stands as a corroboration to the intellectual uproariousness within the Islamic convention.

A Comprehensive Guide

This work serves as a complete companion for savants, scholars, and suckers seeking clarity in matters of Islamic law. Its scrupulous explanations and clarifications pave the expressway for a refined understanding, making it an necessary resource for those conning the vast geography of Islamic justice.

Conning complication with Simplicity

One of the remarkable aspects of” Kashful Astar Hashiya” is its capability to drop daedal legit genera lities into a language popular to all. The author’s humanized path ensures that compendiums , any how of their inseparability with legit complications, can grasp the substance of Islamic justice  painlessly.

A Timeless Beacon

As we celebrate the first time since its commencement,” Kashful Astar Hashiya” continues to shine as a dateless lamp of knowledge. Its applicability persists, offering guidance in an ever- evolving world, and its jolt resonates across conceptions.


Embark on a trip of enlightenment with” Kashful Astar Hashiya.” Whether you are a seasoned scholar or a inquisitive candidate of knowledge, this work beckons with the pledge of deeper understanding and a richer connection to the principles that fashion Islamic justice.

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