Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF Free-Download

Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF Free Download


One of the most extensively spoken languages in the world, Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF, has a special numbering system that is interesting to study. Knowing how to convey numbers is a useful ability whether you’re organizing a vacation to India, reaching out to friends who speak Hindi, or broadening your linguistic horizons.

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Why Learn Hindi Numbers?

Numbers are the backbone of communication. Learning Hindi numbers enhances your ability to engage with native speakers in various situations, such as shopping, bargaining, asking for directions, or simply exchanging pleasantries.

Counting Basics: Numbers 1 to 20

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Here are the numbers from 1 to 20 in Hindi words:

  1. एक (ek)
  2. दो (do)
  3. तीन (teen)
  4. चार (chaar)
  5. पांच (paanch)
  6. छह (chhah)
  7. सात (saat)
  8. आठ (aath)
  9. नौ (nau)
  10. दस (das)
  11. ग्यारह (gyaarah)
  12. बारह (baarrah)
  13. तेरह (terah)
  14. चौदह (choudah)
  15. पंद्रह (pandrah)
  16. सोलह (solah)
  17. सत्रह (satrah)
  18. अठारह (atharah)
  19. उन्नीस (unnis)
  20. बीस (bees)

Decoding the Tens: Numbers 21 to 100

Moving on to the tens can seem a bit perplexing at first, but it follows a pattern. The tens are formed by adding the suffix “-ees” to the numbers 30, 40, 50, and so on.

  1. इकीस (ikkees)
  2. बाईस (baais)
  3. तेईस (teis)
  4. चौबीस (chaubees)
  5. पच्चीस (pachchees)
  6. छब्बीस (chhabbees)
  7. सत्ताईस (sattaais)
  8. अट्ठाईस (attaaais)
  9. उनतीस (untees)
  10. तीस (tees)

And the pattern continues until you reach 100.

Tricky Twists and Exceptions

Of course, languages are known for their exceptions. In Hindi, the numbers 11 and 12 don’t exactly follow the pattern. They are unique words: ग्यारह (gyaarah) for 11 and बारह (baarrah) for 12.

Using Hindi Numbers in Daily Life

Now that you’ve got a grasp onHindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF, let’s see how they can be used in everyday situations. Whether you’re shopping for spices at a local market or negotiating fares with an auto-rickshaw driver, knowing the numbers in Hindi can earn you respect and smiles.

Exploring Cultural Significance

Numbers hold cultural significance in many societies, and Hindi is no exception. Certain numbers are considered lucky or auspicious, while others may be associated with superstitions. For example, the number 786 is believed to be sacred in some Islamic cultures and is often used as a symbol of good luck.

Tips for Effective Number Memorization

Memorizing numbers in a new language might seem daunting, but with the right techniques, it can be a breeze. Try associating each number with a familiar object or creating a mnemonic device to aid your memory.

Learning Resources: Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF

To make your learning journey even smoother, we’ve prepared a comprehensive Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF. This PDF guide includes the numbers, their spellings, and pronunciation tips.

Comparing Numerical Systems: Hindi vs. English

Ever wondered how Hindi numerical expressions differ from those in English? We delve into the structural and linguistic variations between the two systems.

The Influence of Hindi Numerals in Art and Literature

Hindi numerical expressions have left their mark on various forms of art and literature. From ancient scriptures to modern poetry, numbers play a role in conveying deep symbolism and emotions.

Breaking Barriers: Using Technology to Learn

Embrace technology to expedite your learning process. Language learning apps, online tutorials, and interactive platforms offer innovative ways to master Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF.

Mastering Advanced Counting: Beyond 100

Once you’ve conquered the basics, challenge yourself with numbers beyond 100. Hindi provides a clear and logical framework for expressing larger numbers.

Building Multilingual Skills: Numbers in Other Languages

As you continue your linguistic journey, explore numbers in different languages. Not only does it broaden your horizons, but it also highlights the interconnectedness of human communication.


Congratulations! You’ve taken your first steps into the captivating realm of Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF. By mastering these numerical expressions, you’ve opened doors to richer conversations and a appreciation of Indian culture.


Is it essential to learn Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF for traveling in India?

Learning Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF can significantly enhance your travel experience in India. It allows you to navigate daily activities more effectively and engage with locals.

Are there any online courses specifically for learning Hindi numerals?

Yes, there are several online platforms that offer courses dedicated to teaching Hindi numbers and numerals.

Do Hindi numbers have any spiritual significance?

Yes, certain numbers are considered auspicious in Hindi culture and are often used in religious rituals and ceremonies.

Is there a connection between Hindi numbers and mathematics?

While there isn’t a direct connection, understanding Hindi numbers can aid in learning mathematical concepts if you’re familiar with the language.

Where can I practice pronunciation of Hindi numbers?

You can find online resources, videos, and language learning apps that provide audio pronunciations of Hindi numbers to help you practice.

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