Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah PDF Free Download

Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah PDF Free Download

Overview Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah


Claw into the lyrical demesne with”Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah,” a masterpiece that transcends time, offering a profound trip into the world of Urdu literature. This erudite gem, known for its poetry  and verbal prowess, has obtained the capitals of poetry suckers for centuries.

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Book name:Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah
Class of:Darja Sadesa(6th year)
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:14.2MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
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gathering Diwan ul- Mutanabbi

Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah is a collection of verses penned by the fabulous Abbas ibn al Ahnaf extensively honored by his lyrical cognomen, Mutanabbi. enthrall yourself in the rich shade of words laced together to produce a lyrical phenomenon that stands as a corroboration to the goddess of the Urdu language.

probing the Urdu Sharah

To disentangle the elaborate layers of Mutanabbi’s verses, savants and suckers turn to” Urdu Sharah,” a detailed elucidation that provides perceptive commentary on the lyrical nuances. This commentary serves as a key to unleashing the retired meanings, artistic sources, and literal surrounds bedded in the verses, perfecting the anthology’s understanding of Mutanabbi’s genius.

Why Diwan ul- Mutanabbi Matters

Mutanabbi’s verses transcend the boundaries of time, reverberating with compendiums across conceptions. The profound wisdom, pictorial imagery, and the sheer mastership of language in” Diwan ul- Mutanabbi” make it a imperishable source of alleviation for those seeking to explore the heights of Urdu poetry.

Conning the Ocean of feelings 

Within the runners of “Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah,” compendiums sail on a trip through a  dia pason of feelings from the elatedness of love to the heights of philosophical contemplation. The verses are a glass reflecting the divers angles of the mortal experience, asking compendiums to connect with the minstrel on a profound position.

Where Convention Meets Endlessness 

As we grasp the digital time, the heritage of Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah continues to thrive,  chancing new cult and suckers. The Urdu Sharah serves as a ground, connecting the traditional wisdom bedded in Mutanabbi’s verses with the coincidental anthology, icing that the lyrical honey  continues to burn brightly.


Diwan ul Mutanabbi urdu sharah isn’t precisely a collection of verses; it’s a trip, an disquisition, and a festivity of the goddess of language and the mortal spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned scholar or a inquisitive anthology, this erudite treasure promises an enriching experience that transcends time.

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