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Overview Dalil ul Faleheen


Dalil ul Faleheen, frequently appertained to as the” Guide for the prosperous” or” Path to morality,” is a dateless and deified textbook in Islamic literature. It serves as a precious compass for those seeki ng to consolidate their unsubstantial connection with Allah, achieve virtuous distinction, and conduc t a life in agreement with Islamic training. This companion, penned by the famed Islamic scholar, Imam Zakariya Kandhlawi, provides profound perceptivity and ultrapractical guidance for individuali ties seeking to conduct a life that reflects the true substance of faith.

Basic Details

Book name:Dalil ul Faleheen Urdu Sharh Riaz Us Saleheen
Class of: Darja Salesa (3rd year) سال سوم | درجہ ثالثہ
No of volumes:04
Pdf size vol 108MB
Pdf size vol 212MB
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Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
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Unleashing the unsubstantial trip 

Dalil ul Faleheen offers compendiums a roadmap for their unsubstantial trip. It delves into the profu nd aspects of faith, pressing the significance of sincere passion and piety. The textbook inspires relig ionists to reflect on their conduct, align them with Islamic valuations, and cultivate a deep connectio n with Allah.

Ultrapractical Guidance for Daily Life

One of the special rates of Dalil ul Faleheen is its capability to bridge the gap between proposition  and practice. It provides ultrapractical guidance for standard situations, making it popular for indivi dualities seeking to apply Islamic principles in their diurnal lives. Whether it’s guidance on prayer, vir tuous conduct, or relations with others, this companion offers ultrapractical results that reverberate with the expostulations of the ultramodern world.

An Invaluable Resource

Dalil ul Faleheen is a precious resource for savants, scholars, and anyone with an interest in Islamic  church. It goes beyond precisely religious fashions, probing into the deeper aspects of faith and pro bity. The complete nature of this companion makes it an necessary reference for anyone who seeks a holistic understanding of Islam.

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Universal Relevance

While deeply embedded in Islamic convention, the training of Dalil ul Faleheen hold adaptable appli cability. The principles of awareness, veracity, and kindness supported in this textbook are merits tha t can reverberate with people of all grounds and beliefs.


Dalil ul Faleheen is a profound companion that offers both unsubstantial and ultrapractical percepti vity for individualities on their trip towards a life of morality and virtuous distinction. This dateless wor k by Imam Zakariya Kandhlawi continues to be a lamp of wisdom and guidance, asking all who seek a deeper connection with their faith to explore its runners.

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