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Overview Al Mirqat


Embark on a trip through the rich shade of Islamic justice with Al Mirqat, a profound work that has  sat the test of time as a guiding lamp for savants and campaigners likewise. embedded in the vast  convention of Islamic study, Al Mirqat serves as an inestimable resource for those probing into the  elaborate realms of Islamic justice and legit gospel.

Basic Details

Book name:Al Mirqat (Arabic)
Class of:Darja Salesa (3rd year)
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:03MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
Maktaba: Qadeemi
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What’s Al Mirqat?

Al Mirqat, an recognized commentary on the famed Hadith compendium, Mishkat al- Masabih, is a  corroboration to the scrupulous education of its author, Shah Waliullah al- Dihlawi. This monumental work seamlessly weaves together perceptivity, explanations, and contextualizations, offering compe ndiums a refined understanding of the Hadiths and their counteraccusations on Islamic law.

Conning the heights of Islamic Justice

At its gut, Mirqat serves as a key to unleashing the wisdom reprised in the Hadiths, slipping light on their counteraccusations for Islamic justice. Its runners unfold a profound disquisition of legit princip les, ethical guidelines, and the multifaceted confines of Islamic training, furnishing both savants and  suckers with a complete roadmap for conning the complications of Islamic law.

A Beacon of Guidance

Al Mirqat’s seeing applicability falsehoods in its capability to bridge the gap between prescriptive  Islamic education and the coincidental candidate of knowledge. Its perceptivity aren’t confined to the history; they reverberate in the present-day, offering a dateless companion for individualities  seeking to consolidate their understanding of Islamic law in the environment of the ultramodern  world.

Why Al Mirqat Matters moment

In an period represented by rapid-fire revise and different clarifications, Al Mirqat emerges as a sta bilizing manpower, furthering a deeper estimation for the fountainheads of Islamic justice. As a sour ce of knowledge and wisdom, it equips individualities with the tools demanded to fascinate courteo usly with the expostulations and questions of our time, predicated in the principles of Islamic law.


In the elaborate mosaic of Islamic education, Al Mirqat stands as a lamp of enlightenment, illumina ting the path for those earnestly seeking to comprehend the nuances of Hadiths and their profound jolt on Islamic justice. With its dateless applicability, this work continues to be a source of alleviation,  furthering a deeper connection between the wisdom of the history and the expostulations of the  present-day.

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