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Overview Al Maqamat ul Haririyah


“Al Maqamat ul Haririyah” translates to” The meetings of Al- Hariri,” and these erudite rocks are a series of fifty- two stories penned during the 11th century. Each maqama, or assembly, is a artful  mix of prose and poetry, showcasing the author’s unequaled command over the Arabic language.

Basic Details

Book name:Al Maqamat ul Haririyah
Class of:Darja Khamesa(5th year)
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:8MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris

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An disquisition of gumption and poetry 

Al- Hariri’s chronicles rotate around the character of Abu Zayd, a prankish but attractive promoter who weaves tales of gumption , wile, and verbal prowess. The maqamat are resounded for their  verbal complication, clever wordplay, and the capability to entertain and challenge compendiums contemporaneously.

A verbal Marvel

Beyond the engaging chronicles, Al- Hariri’s work is a verbal phenomenon. The prose is adorned with elaborate wordplay, oratorical bias, and verbal acrobatics that have made it a foundation in the study of prescriptive Arabic. As you claw into the maqamat, you will discover the goddess of the Arabic language in its most eloquent shape.

dateless Themes

While Al- Hariri’s tales are forcefully embedded in the artistic and gregarious terrain of medieval Arab society, the themes explored are adaptable. Love, deception, probity, and the mortal condition are adeptly laced into each assembly, making these stories as applicable moment as they were centuries agone .

Why Al Maqamat al Haririyya Still Matter

In an time where literature is evolving fleetly,” Al Maqamat ul Haririyah” stands as a corroboration to the seeing authority of liar. Its verbal complication expostulations savants, while its engaging chroni cles allure compendiums , icing its applicability across conceptions.


Al Maqamat ul Haririyah invites you on a trip through the verbal brilliance and artistic uproariousnes s of prescriptive Arabic literature. Whether you’re a scholar probing into the complications of the Arabic language or an avaricious anthology seeking an immersive and amusing experience, these meetings pledge a erudite adventure like no other. Sail on a hunt through the poetry of Al- Hariri’s pen and discover the dateless appeal of” Al Maqamat ul Haririyah.”

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